New Year – And What Is Next?

New year – and what is next?

We dedicated the year behind us to additional capacity building, new partnerships and promotion of our ideas to the general public, preparing for serious undertakings from 2023. However, this did not prevent us from realizing numerous activities, remaining recognized for our dedication and field work.

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Belgrade High School Students In A “green Embrace”

Belgrade high school students in a “green embrace”

Young activists Katarina Eger and Veljko Avramović continue to spread ecological ideas among young people, this time discussing green policies with high school students of VIII Belgrade Gymnasium, from the Department specialized in biology and chemistry. Dynamic workshop was realized as part of the project “Environmental Mobility By Raising Awareness on Changing our Earth – EMBRACE” whose coordinator is the USB association from Greece, and its aim was to bring the concepts of ecology and sustainable development closer to young people.

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Together In The New Year – For New Projects With Reliable Partners

Together in the new year – for new projects with reliable partners

Veljko Avramović represents Development Center for Youth at the first international meeting aimed at networking and joint development of project ideas, organized by our long-term partner, the United Societies of Balkans (USB) in Thessaloniki from December 6 to 10.


With the support of the European Commission, USB gathered almost 20 European organizations dealing with various fields within the EU program, all with the aim of establishing and intensifying cooperation, exchanging project ideas and preparing for their joint submission in 2023.

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Development Center For Youth Becomes Part Of The Family Of Champions Of The Uefa Foundation For Children

Development Center for Youth becomes part of the family of champions of the uefa foundation for children

The concept of life champions continues to develop, from December 1 also with the support of the UEFA Foundation for Children, which recognized the value and importance of proposed idea to create a new generation of active and thinking citizens using sport as an important tool of education. The foundation that promotes the message that every child is a champion in the open call for projects for 2022 has shown that it values the ideas contained in the concept of life champions, supporting the partnership of Development Center for Youth with DEKI5 football camp and the Pandev Academy.

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Further Steps On The Path Of Life Champions

Further steps on the path of Life champions

Wishing to remind that sport is not only about high fees, advertisements, elite competitions, but that in its essence there are socializing, fair play, learning true values and individual development, Development Center for Youth from Belgrade presented in 2019 the concept of “Life Champions”. The concept focuses on creation of good people – life champions, starting from the importance of the role of trainers as educators and pedagogues, but also of parents and club management as significant support in the process itself.

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Green Embrace Reached Raška

Green embrace reached Raška

On September 27, young activists of Development Center for Youth Katarina Egar, Jovana Veljović, Milan Jaćović and Veljko Avramović visited the young people in Raška, in order to share with them a part of the adventure, positive energy and useful information they have acquired so far through the project “Environmental Mobility By Raising Awareness on Changing our Earth – EMBRACE”, whose coordinator is the USB association from Greece.

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