The family of life champions is richer for another member

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We are proud to point out that the concept “Creating Life Champions” has continued to spread on the territory of Europe, and that after 20 partners from 10 countries, it is recognized by one of the oldest Greek football schools, which is part of the second largest professional football league of Greece – FC Iraklis . Thus, our family continues to develop, this time in blue-white colors. We point out that FC Iraklis was founded back in 1908, which makes it one of the oldest football clubs of Greece, and hence the nickname Ghireos (translation on Greek – older). It is one of the founders of the Greek football federation, as well as part of the Sports society Iraklis Thessaloniki.

By signing the Agreement on cooperation on joint action in the field of sports, partnership between Development Center for Youth, as concept coordinator and football club Iraklis has been initiated, with the special segment dedicated to involvement of coaches and children from this club in the entire concept.

“It is important to us that the concept is developing and expanding, and that in this way as many people realize the importance of this project. In just 3 years, the concept grow up from local initiative till including 3 sectors and 20 partners from 10 European countries (Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Turkiye, Greece, Bulgaria, Portugal and Norway), with a tendency of constant growth (during the last month, ŽFK Olimpija Ljubljana from Slovenia partnered us), to jointly contribute to the promotion of education in/through sports. Through various sports-educational activities, we managed to include more than 2,000 children and young people, and over 50 football coaches. We are proud to share the same values with a large club like Iraklis, and that in the future, we will jointly create a more beautiful environment for all children and youth, “said Aleksandra Knežević, project coordinator, through her video addressing.

Representatives of FC Iraklis in the upcoming period will be included in the project, starting already from the training the coaches, which has been held in their city from April 18 to 21, with the participation of 40 football coaches of younger categories from all clubs involved.

The concept “Creating Life Champions” is developed with the support of the European Commission through the ERASMUS+ program in the field of sports and the UEFA Foundation for Children, gathering actors from sports, educational and youth sectors, from already 11 countries at the moment.