Belgrade high school students in a “green embrace”

Viii Bg Gimnazija Embrace 01

Young activists Katarina Eger and Veljko Avramović continue to spread ecological ideas among young people, this time discussing green policies with high school students of VIII Belgrade Gymnasium, from the Department specialized in biology and chemistry. Dynamic workshop was realized as part of the project “Environmental Mobility By Raising Awareness on Changing our Earth – EMBRACE” whose coordinator is the USB association from Greece, and its aim was to bring the concepts of ecology and sustainable development closer to young people.

Through interesting examples from practice, educational games, but also the exchange of ideas and opinions with present high school students, one after the other important topics have followed – from recycling and how poorly it is applied in Serbia, to global phenomena such as renewable energy sources, the use of solar panels and the harmful effects of global warming on each of us.

“Our small team makes its active contribution to the green planet, but we need the help of all of you – planet Earth is our home and we must do everything in our power, even through small-scale local actions, to make it cleaner, healthier for life and more sustainable for the next generations”, pointed out Katarina, greeting the present peers.

During the workshop, video materials prepared in the previous part of the project were also shown, in order to draw the attention of young people to the fact that this type of activism is much more than work on the topic of ecology itself – that it represents an opportunity for traveling, socializing, connecting with peers from all over the world, as well as getting to know other peoples and cultures.

Final part of the workshop has been dedicated to the exchange of ideas on how to bring environmental topics closer to children and young people, and joint river cleaning and afforestation actions were proposed, as well as the continuation of interactive workshops in schools, because this is one of the best ways for the message to reach all young people.

Project is implemented within the Erasmus+ program of the European Union and brings together organizations from Serbia, Greece, India, Vietnam, Peru, France and Italy, with a focus on raising the ecological awareness of young people about the importance of environmental protection and the sustainability of planet Earth.