Macedonia – the last stop of Life Champions 2.0

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During the regional info days’ tour, consortium of the project “Life Champions 2.0 – we are all champions” visited Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Now it is North Macedonia’s turn, represented, among others, by Academy Pandev Brera Strumica. Therefore, the consortium members Veljko Avramović and Boris Jakovljević held the final info day as part of this year’s activities on Wednesday, March 3 in Strumica, together with representatives of AP Brera Strumica.

AP Brera Strumica shares the values and principles that are the basis of the concept of Life Champions, which represents, first of all, the starting point of the strategic partnership, and later of engagement in the promotion of education, innovation and development in sports, on which life champions insist. This time, the partnership was joined by the female football club Tiverija, which will be represented by Aleksandra Terziski in the coming period.

The present champions, their parents and coaches, were addressed by Boris Jakovljević and Ljupčo Penev, the representative of AP Brera Strumica. At the very beginning, it was pointed out that at the end of the previous year, a strategic partnership agreement was signed, which represented the crown of the cooperation itself and the introduction into all future joint activities.

“Participation in the project “Life Champions 2.0 – we are all champions” represents an exceptional opportunity for development of children, regardless of gender. This project provides children with the opportunity to develop both sports skills and important life skills such as teamwork, discipline, self-confidence, communication, public speaking, tolerance and understanding, raising awareness about ecology, gender equality and others. Through activities of the project, children have the opportunity to engage in sports challenges accompanied by educational content, and explore their full potential, with the support of experts and coaches. In addition, the focus on inclusiveness of this project allows all children to feel welcomed and supported, thus creating a positive environment for their development and progress,” said Boris Jakovljević during the presentation.

Project “Life Champions 2.0: we are all champions” in 2024 is supported by the UEFA Foundation for Children, and is co-financed by the European Union through support from the ERASMUS+ program in the field of sports, received for development of this innovative educational concept in sports.