Bosnia And Herzegovina Is The First One Marked By The Life Champions

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the first one marked by the Life Champions

Sarajevo and Doboj are the first cities that hosted the Life Champions team on the regional tour of presenting concept and activities for 2023 and…

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Trade Unions Are IN – Get Involved, Engage, Act

Trade unions are IN - Get involved, engage, act

Development Center for Youth will be a part of another important European project, this time focusing on youth activism and participation through the prism of…

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Young DC Youth Activists At The Final Conference In Vietnam

Young DC Youth activists at the final conference in Vietnam

Final conference of the project "Environmental Mobility By Raising Awareness on Changing our Earth - EMBRACE" is held in the period February 8-11 in Ho…

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Creative Youth For Raising Environmental Awareness

Creative youth for raising environmental awareness

During the previous months, young activists from Serbia, Greece, India, Vietnam, Peru, France and Italy connected, socialized, learned together, all to show that ecology is…

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New Generation Of Life Champions Has Been Launched

New generation of Life Champions has been launched

On January 26, the second generation of the project "Creating Life Champions", whose piloting began in 2018, was officially launched in Belgrade. The event, opened…

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New Year – And What Is Next?

New year - and what is next?

We dedicated the year behind us to additional capacity building, new partnerships and promotion of our ideas to the general public, preparing for serious undertakings…

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Belgrade High School Students In A “green Embrace”

Belgrade high school students in a "green embrace"

Young activists Katarina Eger and Veljko Avramović continue to spread ecological ideas among young people, this time discussing green policies with high school students of…

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In The New 2023 With A New Activity – Another Significant Regional Activity Ahead Of Us

In the new 2023 with a new activity - another significant regional activity ahead of us

There is another good news for the end of 2022 - at its last annual meeting, the Programming Committee on Youth included the "Voice of…

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Together In The New Year – For New Projects With Reliable Partners

Together in the new year - for new projects with reliable partners

Veljko Avramović represents Development Center for Youth at the first international meeting aimed at networking and joint development of project ideas, organized by our long-term…

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New activity ahead of us: TRADE UNIONS ARE IN - ENGAGE, ACT, INFLUENCE

Young trade union members are not just a number in their general statistics - they are a driving force that can influence the needs and…

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