Development Center For Youth Shared Ideas And Experience For Creating An Inclusion Toolbox

Development Center for Youth shared ideas and experience for creating an Inclusion Toolbox

Development Center for Youth is one of 20 organizations selected to participate at the EYF Online session on Inclusion of the European Youth Foundation of…

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“Vaccine Needs Your Help” Campaign Continues

"Vaccine needs your help" campaign continues

Information-educational campaign within the project "Vaccine needs your help" has been continued with the tribunes in the local gymnasium, which ensured that all high school students in Raška get…

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First Video Launched Within The Project “Vaccine Needs Your Help”

First video launched within the project "Vaccine needs your help"

They are young, they work with young people in Raška and for them, and they shared with us their opinion on the importance of the…

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With The Youth Of Raška About The Immunization Process

With the youth of Raška about the immunization process

Activities within the project "Vaccine needs your help" continue, and this time educational-informative tribunes were realized in both high schools on the territory of Raška -…

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Equipment Delivered To The Health Center In Raška And The Project “Vaccine Needs Your Help” Has Been Launched

Equipment delivered to the Health Center in Raška and the project "Vaccine needs your help" has been launched

First activities within the project "Vaccines need your help" have been implemented. Delegation of the Development Center for Youth, led by the project coordinator Aleksandra…

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Youth Of Raška – Vaccine Needs Your Help

Youth of Raška – Vaccine needs your help

Development Center for Youth activities are moving to Raška this month, where we will talk with youth about immunization during the COVID-19 pandemic. Project “Vaccine…

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With Parental Support To A Stronger And More Sustainable Concept Of Life Champions

With parental support to a stronger and more sustainable concept of Life Champions

Despite the epidemiological challenges that marked 2021, consortium of the project "Standing Together for a Healthy and Safe Community: Creating Life Champions" can boast of…

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New 130 “life Champions” Sent From Palić, Our Family Now Has 400 Kids And Coaches

New 130 "life champions" sent from Palić, our family now has 400 kids and coaches

The region got 130 new "life champions" who attended the educational-sports camp of the same name at Palić. For four days, football players of younger…

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We Are Ready For A New Generation Of The “Life Champions”

We are ready for a new generation of the "Life Champions"

Everything is ready for new generation of the "Life Champions". Sports-educational camp of the same name will be held October 3-6 at Palić lake and will gather 120 football…

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Towards New Activities With Young Residents Of The Center In Zvečanska

Towards new activities with young residents of the Center in Zvečanska

Coordinator for PR and communication of the Development Center for Youth Dragana Radošević met on September 15, 2021 with Zoran Milačić, director of the Center for the…

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