We continue our cooperation with the GALE7 camp

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Representatives of the Development Center of Youth, Veljko Avramović and Anastasija Nenadović, held an educational workshop on Tuesday, June 18, at the GALE7 camp of the famous futsal representative Dragan Tomić Gale, with the aim of further promoting the value of the concept of lifelong champions. The topic of the workshop was – safeguarding, i.e. measures to protect children and young people in sports, bearing in mind that our two educators in the previous period successfully completed the course of the UEFA Foundation for Children for the Protection of Young Athletes.

The workshop was focused on both the children and the trainers at the GALE7 camp. During the camp, participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the entire process of protecting children and young people in sports through video materials and various quizzes and educational games, and what are the values ​​for which the concept of life champions stands, which insists that children and young people should first of all to enjoy football and sports in general, learning and connecting through them.

The children actively participated in the work and discussion, suggesting to their coaches ideas on how to improve and make the training even more fun, precisely by introducing topics from the interactive lecture. Their suggestions further enriched the workshop, encouraging creativity and interaction among the participants, both younger and older.

This is the second year in a row that the Development Center for Youth has held educational workshops at the GALE7 camp, and in order to continue successful cooperation, the coordinator of the concept of life champions, Aleksandra Knežević, suggested to the camp organizers that next year they sign a memorandum of cooperation, which would allow both the children and the coaches with GALE7 joined the camp with dynamic activities as part of the „Creating Life Champions” concept.