Young employees from BIH learned on labor rights from their peer

Radionica BIH 1

Peer educators have continued with workshops in Erasmus+ project “Rights at Work, Work on Rights”. Nikola Vidačković, coordinator of Youth Section from the Trade Union of Administration of Republika Srpska has conducted the workshop for 40 colleagues from more than 10 municipalities, ministries and republic institutions.

The workshop was part of Strategic planning of the Trade Union of Administration of Republika Srpska held on June 28-30 in Mrakovica.

The project “Rights at Work, Work on Rights” was presented to the participants, as well as the results on survey “Are you familiar with your labor rights”, which was conducted in few countries of the region. Beside informing and education of young workers, the workshop has its primary focus for project participants to transfer their knowledge to their colleagues upon return to working environment.

During the lecture, Vidačković has underlined that with gained knowledge he will continue to work on empowerment of young workers, their status and knowledge, along with positioning of young people in governing bodies in trade union he belongs to.