Life Champions 2.0 reached Bosnia and Herzegovina

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After Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro – life champions also arrived to Bosnia and Herzegovina. On Tuesday, March 26 and Wednesday, March 27, within the regional info days, our hosts from FC Laktaši and FC Sloga Doboj hosted consortium representatives Božo Marić, Siniša Ćerketa and Anastasija Nenadović.

We have a dynamic year ahead of us with many activities and a major focus on girls and women’s sections of clubs involved, and we consider the info days as an opportunity to present it to children, parents and coaches across the region.

During these two info days, present had the opportunity to inform themselves about planned activities within the project, starting with the gathering for coaches of younger categories in Thessaloniki from April 18 to 21, at which more than 40 trainers from the entire region will exchange experiences in work and jointly devise even better access to the training process of young people, in order to further raise awareness of the importance of proper approach in training of our life champions. Detailed information was also provided on the camp, whose maintenance will mark the fall 2024, and the final conference announced for December 2024.

Through the video material that included recordings from our sports-educational mixed camp which we organize each year, present have been introduced in more detail to the activities of the same. Free camp for all children will be held in Serbia in early October, and will be the main place of socializing and gathering for this year, also with the aim of applying the set of educational tools prepared by the members of the consortium together with the expert group.

With its participation, men and women’s sections from Laktaši and Doboj will also be the part of it, and info days represent an ideal opportunity to promote the inclusion of as many girls as possible in the concept of the project.

Concept “Life Champions 2.0 – we are all champions” has been developing since 2021, and this year a special focus is put on the involvement of girls and their integration into the summer activities, as well as on the promotion of women’s sports and improving the positions and visibility of girls/young women in sports in general.

Program develops with the support of the European Commission and the UEFA Foundation for Children, and partnership is composed of actors from the sports, educational and youth sector from 10 countries.