Final consortium meeting held

Razvojni Centar Za Mlade Zavrsni Sastanak 1

After the final conference, which exceeded all expectations of the consortium, both in terms of the structure of participants and proposals received for further joint work, a final meeting of the consortium members was held, which brought together all partner organizations except the partner from Slovakia, due to current impediment.

Partners analyzed achieved results, from the first to the last activity, looking back jointly on all good and less good sides of the joint work and making a comprehensive evaluation of accomplished, in order to make joint work even more successful in the upcoming period.

Project coordinator pointed out that during the past 12 months, Development Center for Youth did not insist that all partners had to make equal contribution, but that it insisted that all partners had to fulfill foreseen from the joint action plan. However, she particularly praised the cooperation with the partners from Republika Srpska, who also demonstrated their commitment to the process at the final conference, bearing in mind that they managed to include representatives of institutions, employers, but also one minister and one MP in their delegation, expressing this way their enthusiasm for further work on the topic.

As one of the results of discussion and joint evaluation of the goals set, a final presentation with achievements and plans for further action was prepared, which will serve to members of the consortium as a comprehensive and picturesque report on all accomplished in the previous 12 months.

In the next few days, members of the consortium will jointly prepare the final narrative, financial and media report, after which it is agreed to elaborate a project idea for the next open call ahead of the consortium during its new meeting.

“During past 12 months, we have realized the real need of young people to talk about this topic more and more often, but also our own power to influence changes in the environment as a consortium, and therefore we consider it  as our duty to continue working together, proud of all that has remained as a legacy from the previous 12 months of work”, said Aleksandra Knežević, coordinator of the project “Rights at Work, Work on Rights” at the end of the consortium meeting.