Brochure and animation on youth labor rights prepared and presented

Animacija Pra U Radu Rad Na Pravima

Project “Rights at Work, Work on Rights”, in addition to already presented ones, has introduced another two significant products – a brochure “Guide through youth labor rights, phenomena endangering them and available mechanisms of protection” and dynamic animation, all with the aim of further raising awareness of young people about the importance of paying adequate attention to promotion and protection of rights in work environment.

“Guide through youth labor rights, phenomena endangering them and available mechanisms of protection“ have emerged from the need of each of us to be actively involved in the processes of familiarization, education, networking and joint trade union action in relation to the topic. Through numerous practical examples of endangering and violating the labor rights of workers, we have approached in an interesting way to not so interesting legal material that governs more than half of our lives. Work, freedom of work and dignity of workers are governed by the laws that we unfortunately read when they have already been violated. Therefore, this “Guide to Labor Rights” contains a wealth of information and guidance on how our labor rights are exercised, who brings them, what threatens them, and how to protect ourselves from the phenomena that hinder our work and freedom of work, what is the role of trade unions in these processes and why it is important to act in an organized manner”, explained author of the publication, M.Sc. Milorad Mitrović.

“Let’s take our lives into our own hands, be the creators of change. Let this brochure be our start for learning about labor rights, and a life-long struggle for dignity and freedom of work“, the author added.

Our message to young people is to get acquainted with the brochure and animation, and to actively use all available information.

The project “Rights at Work, Work on Rights” is being implemented with the support of the European Union through the Erasmus+ program, KA2: Capacity Building in the Field of Youth.