Development Center for Youth at the Conference under the EU Strategy for Danube Region

Rumunija Razvojni Centar Za Mlade 2

Development Center for Youth is one of 170 participants of international conference under the European Union Strategy for Danube Region “Combating social Exclusion and marginalization”.

Ministry of Labor and Social Justice of Romania is its organizer in the town Murighiol of Tulcea County, on Danube delta, within the Romanian EU Presidency. During four-day event it could be found out more on the role of EU Strategy for Danube Region in investing in people, experiences and good practices in combating marginalization and social exclusion, innovative models in these area and other issues of relevance in the field of social rights. A visit to marginalized communities in the Danube Region was arranged as well as a practical field session.

Beside participants from Romania at the conference there are representatives from Belgium, Ukraine and Slovenia, while Development Center for Youth is represented by Dragana Radošević.