Consultative meeting of peer educators held

Prava U Radu Konsultativni Sastanak 1

Peer educators from the project “Rights at Work, Work on Rights” gathered on Mountain Zlatibor at the end of August to share impressions from the workshops they have conducted in period June-August 2019.

During the workshops, young trade union activists from Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Slovakia and Croatia conveyed to their peers knowledge and skills on labor rights and mechanisms of protection against negative phenomena that endanger them, acquired during the training held in Bratislava in May.

As part of the meeting agenda, all previous steps on the project, implemented from December 2018, have been presented; also, peer educators have given presentations of local activities they carried out, and gave recommendations and suggestions for further steps that the project team would integrate into a joint brochure.

In addition, during the meeting it has been noted the low level of awareness of young people about what the labor rights are at all, how to use and protect them, and it has been emphasized that young people are especially interested in getting acquainted with the concept of mobbing, considering it as the greatest threat to a stable working environment nowadays. Thanks to these workshops, many young people learned for the first time when they were entitled to use days off, how the overtime work should be treated, what was a prohibited behaviour in working environment, and some of them for the first time realistically perceived the role of trade unions in protecting labor rights and work on strengthening the position of young people in working environment.

Participants of the meeting also discussed with members of the consortium development and implementation of a media campaign planned for September, in order to present to wider audience the project “Rights at Work, Work on Rights” supported by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program, KA2: Capacity Building in the Field of Youth. A selection of the most important messages that young educators have considered important for further transmission to peers has been made, and the videos have been prepared. Idea is to promote them on the social networks of project partners, with the aim of offering answers to the most common questions and misconceptions regarding labor rights of young workers and their actions and association – independently or through trade unions.

Consultative meeting has been led by Aleksandra Knežević, project coordinator and Nikola Sovrlić, a president of Development Center for Youth.

Representatives of partner organizations also took the opportunity to hold the 4th consortium meeting, agreeing on details of the campaign, as well as on initial steps regarding the organization of the final conference of the project.