Trainers Acquired New Knowledge And Skills For Creating Life Champions

Trainers acquired new knowledge and skills for creating life champions

A special component of the 4-day regional camp held on June 24-27 on mountain Zlatibor, Serbia was the training of trainers of younger categories from 6 football clubs involved. It aimed to…

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The First Generation Of 150 “life Champions” Left Zlatibor

The first generation of 150 "life champions" left Zlatibor

The region got its first 150 "life champions" who attended the educational-sports camp “Creating Life Champions” on Mountain Zlatibor, Serbia. Football players of the younger…

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PROUDLY ANNOUNCING: Regional Camp “Life Champions” For 150 Footballer Players Of Younger Categories

PROUDLY ANNOUNCING: Regional camp "Life Champions" for 150 footballer players of younger categories

Regional sports-educational camp "Life Champions" is scheduled for the period from June 24 to 27 on Zlatibor mountain in Serbia. This particular event will gather…

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Sustainable Associations For A Strong Community: A Step Closer To Presenting Project Ideas

Sustainable Associations for a Strong Community: A step closer to presenting project ideas

Meeting of the team on the project "Sustainable Associations for a Strong Community" took place in Raška aimed at final program and logistical preparations for…

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Creating The Life Champions: Support From The Ambassador Goran Pandev Before Upcoming Camp At Zlatibor

Creating the life champions: Support from the ambassador Goran Pandev before upcoming camp at Zlatibor

Coordinator of the project "Creating the life champions: Standing together for a healthy and safe community" Aleksandra Knežević, together with the Macedonian representatives on the project Gordana Cvetkovska…

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Boxing Coaches Are Ready To Knock Out Discrimination

Boxing coaches are ready to knock out discrimination

Boxing coaches are ready to knock out discrimination within the project implemented in partnership of Development Center for Youth and the Boxing Federation of Serbia.…

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Ecological Erasmus + Project: Caring For The Planet Earth Starts From Belgrade

Ecological Erasmus + project: Caring for the planet Earth starts from Belgrade

Care of the planet Earth starts from Belgrade and the project "Environmental Mobility By Raising Awareness on Changing our Earth - EMBRACE" will be launched…

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Significant Steps Towards Creating An Educational Module For Working With Children And Youth In Sports

Significant steps towards creating an educational module for working with children and youth in sports

Working Group is dedicated to creating an educational module for new methods of work of sports coaches with children and youth within the project "Standing…

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Presenting The Website Of The Erasmus+ Project “Standing Together For Healthy And Safe Community”

Presenting the website of the Erasmus+ project “Standing Together for Healthy and Safe Community”

We are presenting the official website of the project “Standing Together for Healthy and Safe Community”. Under the slogan “Life Champions - concept for the future”,…

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Step Closer To Sustainable Associations For A Strong Community – Successfully Implemented The Last Module Within Training For Associations From Raška

Step closer to sustainable associations for a strong community - successfully implemented the last module within training for associations from Raška

Participants of the project "Sustainable Associations for a Strong Community", in the previous three days, made the last step in planned training process for capacity…

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