We Proudly Present The Tutorial “Extraordinary Work In Extraordinary Situation”

We proudly present the tutorial "Extraordinary work in extraordinary situation"

Specific situation in which we have found ourselves posed number of questions, dilemmas and doubts to all of us - how to protect ourselves and…

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Consultative Meeting Of Participants On The Project “Extraordinary Work In Extraordinary Situation”

Consultative meeting of participants on the project "Extraordinary work in extraordinary situation"

Target groups require attention and care in any situation, and continuity in the work of civil society organizations is necessary - this is one of the main conclusions from the…

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First Joint Step Toward Healthier And Safer Community

First joint step toward healthier and safer community

Partners in the project "Standing Together for a Healthier and Safer Community" held the first ZOOM meeting of the consortium in order to start joint…

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From A Personal Point Of View Before The Upcoming Holidays: Review Of 2020

From a personal point of view before the upcoming holidays: review of 2020

Our dear young people, friends and partners, One difficult year full of challenges is behind all of us. During the same, it was important to…

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Citizens’ Associations Selected To Participate In The Project “Sustainable Associations For A Strong Community”

Citizens' associations selected to participate in the project "Sustainable associations for a strong community"

Evaluation commission of the partners on the project "Sustainable Associations for a Strong Community", after a detailed analysis of received applications, concluded the list of…

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Step Toward New Activities With A New Partner

Step toward new activities with a new partner

We are approaching January 1, 2021 and the official start of activities on the regional project "Standing together for a healthier and safer community" richer…

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Partnership For More Opportunities For Children And Youth In Sports

Partnership for more opportunities for children and youth in sports

Nikola Sovrlić and Marko Nikolovski, representatives of Development Center for Youth and Deki Stanković Football Camp, signed an Agreement on joint action in the field…

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“Sustainable Organizations For A Strong Community”: Local Civil Sector For Welfare Of All Citizens Of Raška

"Sustainable Organizations for a Strong Community": local civil sector for welfare of all citizens of Raška

Project "Sustainable Organizations for a Strong Community" officially began with the kick-off meeting in Raška, aiming to strengthen capacities of civil sector in this municipality.…

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Premiere Of The Video “Trade Unions Are IN – Engage, Act, Influence

Premiere of the video "Trade unions are IN - engage, act, influence

"Our strength is in our fellowship. There are tens of thousands of us only in the region. In the world - a few million. We…

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А New Contract Within The Еrasmus + Program Signed

А new contract within the Еrasmus + program signed

By signing the Grant Agreement, Development Center for Youth has entered initial preparations for the project "Standing Together for a healthier and safer community" which…

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