Workshop on Labor Rights also held in Krusevac

Radionica Kruševac 1

In the Council of the Union of Independent Trade Unions of Serbia (hereinafter: SSSS) for the city of Krusevac and the municipalities of Rasina District, a meeting was held with the members of the Council of the section of youth on the topic of familiarization with the mechanisms of safety at work, and more effective realization of the labor rights of young workers, in a way that was elaborated during the project “Rights at Work, Work on Rights”, implemented by DC Youth and financially supported by the European Union.

The meeting was chaired by peer educator and president of the youth section Aleksandar Stankovic, who at the beginning of the meeting introduced a group of youth from various trade union organizations from Krusevac with the goals and key activities of this project.

At this meeting with the members of the Council, an agreement was reached on the future activities of the young union members and joint appearance in front of the workers in dialogue with other partners in the process (employers, local self-government …), in a way that members of larger SSSS youth sections of the City of Krusevac and surrounding municipalities will hold workshops throughout the territory covered by the Council.

The conclusion is that each trade union organization will be visited individually and that as many members as possible will be acquainted with their rights and mechanisms of protection, whether or not they are union members, since the whole organization remains consistent in the view that the rights belong to everyone, and not just the members.

Special emphasis at the meeting was given on the topic of mobbing and the recognition of similar phenomena at work, and participants were able to share their experiences as well as the experiences of their colleagues on this topic. A number of colleagues (as members of the legal team of the Council of the SSSS) have already met with this phenomenon, and they presented the experiences of other colleagues from the district with recommendations for mechanisms of protection against mobbing.

Another important outcome of this workshop is the conclusion that the activities on the project “Rights at Work, Work on Rights” will be discussed at the Executive Board of the SSSS Youth Section as well as the Conference of the SSSS Youth Section, thus creating an opportunity for this project to be a part of the section leadership presented to members of the youth section throughout Serbia.