New peer workshop in BIH


Peer educators form Bosnia and Herzegovina have conducted new workshop under the Erasmus+ project “Rights at Work, Work on Rights”. Member of the Trade Union of Administration of Republika Srpska Anja Reljić held a lecture in Prijedor to the colleagues from Pension and Disability Insurance Fund.

The workshop was conducted with aim to strengthen young employees – their status and knowledge, so they become more inform on their work rights, but through continues capacity building start to run and be elected for leading positions in trade union they belong to as well. Even older colleagues expressed desire to hear the lecture because they think that there is no enough talking about this theme even though it is very important, regardless of age.

The project “Rights at Work, Work on Rights” was presented to the participants, as well as the results on survey “Are you familiar with your labor rights”, which was conducted in few countries – project participants. Beside informing and education of young workers, the workshop has its primary focus for project participants to transfer their knowledge to their colleagues upon return to working environment.

Reljić is one of more than a few young educator from Trade Union of Administration of Republika Srpska who were part of some of activities under the Erasmus+ programme. Young trade union activists will continue not only with personal improvement, but with knowledge transfer as well.