Successful work in an extraordinary situation – myth or reality?

Razvojni Centar Za Mlade Vanredni Rad Vanredna Situacija 1

How to prepare and implement a project thematically and logistically adapted to current situation in the country and the world in general? How to integrate all changes and new measures into activities, so that they remain current and interesting for those for whom they are intended, fully following the „current reality“? What can be done to keep young people active and informed, with all challenges that COVID-19 imposes on youth activism and mobility? Is activism in the digital space a sufficient substitute for live contact, socializing and entertainment needed by young people?

This, as well as number of other issues, were put in the foreground of the training “Extraordinary work in an extraordinary situation” during which 24 participants exchanged knowledge and experience on preparation and implementation of projects of various topics and formats in the period marked by the pandemic. Experienced youth workers and activists from 12 associations and different parts of the country discussed difficulties in their work due to new situation, but also ways to overcome them as easily as possible, and continue communication and work with their target groups.

“Young people feel need to be part of various interesting, informative, educational processes, and it is up to us to create the conditions for them to be realized, following all health and safety requirements contained in the official government measures. For that, we need new energy and creativity, but even your participation in the training itself is a clear indicator that we jointly recognize this issue as important, “said Nikola Sovrlić, president of Development Center for Youth, addressing the participants.

During the training, through non-formal methods of work – work in smaller groups, case studies, discussion of real-life examples, open space methodology, participants learned about opportunities for new ways of communication and work with young people, but also had been prepared for future project activities – online workshops which they would start realizing upon returning to their own communities.

Initial training, which has been conducted in a pleasant atmosphere on Mountain Zlatibor, also offering the participants space for further networking and planning of joint activities, is part of the project “Extraordinary work in an extraordinary situation”, supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.