Beginning of independent operation of “Sustainable Associations for a Strong Community”

Razvojni Centar Za Mlade Sajam Projektnih Ideja Raska (5)

“Project Ideas Fair” at the Town Square was the grand finale of the project “Sustainable Associations for a Strong Community”, but also the beginning of a new life of participating organizations and not only them but also the citizens of Raška.

After nine months of training, info-sessions based on peer education, mentoring support and an intensive media campaign, 12 project proposals were completed and presented at the event in Raška. Project participants, representatives of the domestic and local governments from nearby cities, citizens of Raška, associations that participated in the project, as well as representatives of donors gathered at the event. Everyone present wanted to hear the experiences of the participants and find an idea that inspires them, whether to participate in it or to support it as a donor.

“The process was not easy, and the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic made it even more difficult. However, despite all the challenges, thanks to good coordination within the team, donor support and excellent communication, willingness to accommodate participants, we believe that we have succeeded in our intention to create sustainable associations for a strong community. Now, not only do we have 12 completed project proposals, but we have already found donors for many of them. At the same time, our associations know how to run their own organizations properly, because we selflessly shared with them the experience we gained during many years of work”, said the program director of the Development Center for Youth and project coordinator Aleksandra Knežević.

During the past nine months, 92 direct beneficiaries went through the project, of which 24 from 12 associations participated in the training, and then transferred knowledge to colleagues from organizations through 12 info-sessions. With the mentoring support, they worked on developing and completing 12 project proposals in the field of ecology, education, sports and culture, with which they will be able to apply to various donors, in accordance with the field of action. Also, the entire work and activities were presented to the general public and so more than 100,000 people learned about the project, its results and messages.

Project “Sustainable Associations for a Strong Community” is implemented by Development Center for Youth in partnership with the Children’s Association of the Municipality of Raška. Initiative is part of a broader project “Accountable Public Finance Management Platform” implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and funded by the Government of Sweden.