Action Planning for 2019 held – a new team and new ideas for new incentives and successes!

Rcm Novembar 2018

Representatives of Development Center for Youth held on November 21-23 on mountain Zlatibor, Serbia the action planning for 2019, summarizing working results from the current and making concrete plans for the year to come.

Present members welcomed Dragana Radošević, who joined the project team since November 1, having in mind increase in the volume of activities planned for 2019.

Development Center for Youth will keep the accent on human rights, especially focusing on the promotion and prevention of rights in sport and through sport; familiarizing young people with labor rights and combating negative phenomena in work environment, as well as enhancing the digital competences of young people for spreading the importance of the concept of human rights in cyber space.

It is also agreed that the project team will additionally focus on strengthening the capacities of young leaders and activists, launching their own training program for preparation of the project proposals and familiarizing individuals and associations with available international funds, using the international expertise of its own members.

In the end, the necessary arrangements for preparatory activities within the upcoming project “Rights at Work, Work on Rights”, supported under the Erasmus + program, were undertaken, preparing for the initial start that is expected in the next few days.

In anticipation of the fifth birthday of the Association, which will be celebrated on January 21, 2019, Development Center for Youth continues to carry out numerous activities (independently and through national and regional partnerships), responding to the needs of young people in contemporary society, by teaching them to be an active part of the communities they live in and that they themselves “should act as a change they want to see in the world”.