Workshops have started in Montenegro, too

Podgorica Radionica Prava U Radu 5

First in a row of workshops in Montenegro within the Erasmus+ project “Rights at Work, Work on Rights”, supported by the European Union, has been held and during the same, peer educators Ana Veljović, Marko Radetić and Jovan Martinović introduced the group of young workers from different trade unions from podgorica about the activities and aims of the project.

Special attention was put on mobbing and participants got opportunity to present their, as well as the experience from their colleagues, including their current findings on mobbing. During the discussion, there could be heard more about different types of mobbing which until then they did not even recognized as such. Furthermore, the participants found out whom to address in case of labor rights violation and more about the mechanisms of protection.

There were talks on future steps and empowering of trade-unionism of young workers, combating for their rights and further education and informing of young workers.

Workshop got positive feedback, enhanced interest for labor rights, as well as wish of participants to contribute by themselves, acting among their peers.