Visit to Slovenia as a step in strengthening the partner network

Razvojni Centar Za Mlade Slovenija 3

Delegation of Development Center for Youth, led by its program director Aleksandra Knežević, visited Ljubljana on October 16 to meet with representatives of the Slovenian Trade union Mladi Plus and discuss directions for joint action and opportunities for future cooperation.

After an introductory speech by the President of Slovenian Trade union, Tea Jarc and initial presentation of two sides, the guests also presented the ongoing project “Rights at Work, Work on Rights”, which represents a significant link in connecting the youth and trade union sectors, especially focusing on the results achieved so far through field workshops and an intense media campaign. On this ocassion, it was also agreed that the representatives of Mladi Plus trade union will attend the final conference of the project, in order to network with other actors within the project, and to make their own contribution in creating further joint activities.

Reminding that two parties have already prepared and submitted together two project ideas to international donors, and that they are awaiting the results of the same for further agreements, it was emphasized that the space for further cooperation was extremely wide, as the organizations share vision and thematic priorities, but also orientation toward youth population and focus put on information and education. Through intense discussion, participants pointed out different possibilities for connecting and intensifying cooperation, and at the end of the year same will result in a joint action plan for 2020.

“All countries in the region are facing the same challenges when it comes to the position of young people in the society, and therefore we believe that only by acting together we can really bring out substantive solutions in terms of better information and education, especially on topics of common interest such as labor and other social rights of young people”, Aleksandra Knežević said after the meeting.

Besides the program director, delegation of Development Center for Youth was also consisted of Dragana Radošević, program assistant and Vladimir Mitrović, external consultant to the Association.