2nd meeting of consortium on the project “Rights at work, work on rights” held

Erasmus+ Prava U Radu 2

On April 8, project partners gathered for the second time to jointly analyse the results obtained through national researches based on the questionnaire “Are you familiar with your labor rights”, and discuss in detail next project activities.

Questionnaires were filled out by young people under 35 years of age working in the public administration, and more than 1000 responses from Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovakia were collected – shared with the present Kristina Smoljanović, member of the project team and researcher of the Centre for Advanced Studies of Southeastern Europe of the University of Rijeka, in charge of the analysis of collected material. All national reports, as well as the regional cross-section, have been published on the official project webpage and contain a number of important and interesting findings, which will largely determine further acting of the trade unions regarding the young employees.

In continuation of the meeting, participants exchanged ideas on visual identity and central messages for the promotional campaign aimed at drawing public attention to the importance of respecting and promoting the rights of young people in working environment, with the expectation that the same will be launched in early May 2019.

Also, project team was talking about the training for future educators for human rights in working environment, and after a constructive discussion, it was agreed that it would be organized on May 20-25 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Project team also agreed on the initial agenda and trainers’ team that will provide participants with quality knowledge and information through the process of acquiring necessary knowledge and skills for acting in the role of peer educators.

“Partners are proud of the fact that thanks to their dedication and adequately set up activities during the past two months, they have finally obtained concrete data from the field regarding the level of information of youth about their own rights in working environment, and with great enthusiasm they are preparing to use the same as the basis for their further work with and for young people”, stated at the end of the meeting Aleksandra Knežević, program director of Development Center for Youth.